Zertaprom is a company that specializes in the integration of technological solutions. We help companies become more efficient in order to better respond to market needs.

The main goal of Zertaprom is to increase efficiency in businesses by optimizing the business process. We do this by combining business process re-engineering & technology. The objective is to improve the process, enrich customer support, develop innovation, provide information to management and increase productivity.


Our mission is to build a different kind of Tech company, one that listens to client needs, values innovation in development and solves customer problems with brilliant simplicity. Furthermore, we seek to become your partner on the innovation trail.



Zertaprom commitment to legendary service provides consistent, high quality support for all our customers.
We despise the sale & run mentality, that is why we solve, integrate and support our customers, making sure objectives are met for the project.


Our Values

  • Customer Service – Focus on the client and all else will follow
  • Integrity – You can make money without doing evil
  • Respect – Respect People
  • Passion – Love your job
  • Innovate – Great just isn’t good enough



Open Source Integration + Software Development + Industrial Applications + Business Process = Productivity

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