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Alfresco is the leading open source enterprise content management system built by the most experienced
team in theindustry drawn from Documentum®, Vignette® and Interwoven®. Twenty years of experience drove us to believe that the Enterprise Content Management industry was driven by:

  • High Cost – Application driven purchases with a high up-front investment and per user pricing
  • High Complexity – Long roll out cycles and complexity resulting in software either not being implemented or used
  • Lack of Customer Control – Proprietary control preventing choice and ability to switch to other vendors

For these reasons the vast majority of people do not use ECM systems but instead work with shared drives and email to create, share and store content.

Alfresco Offers One Integrated Low Cost Solution

  • Document Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Collaboration
  • Content Platform and Repository
  • Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)
  • Records Management
  • Image Management

Document management software that simplifies users’ daily interaction with the documents they need to do their jobs. Features like version control, workflow, interactive previews and tight integration with Microsoft® Office ensure that users have the latest version of a document wherever and whenever they need it.

  • Configurable electronic signatures to assist with compliance
  • Access Alfresco from Microsoft® Office applications, third-party WebDav clients & all web browsers
  • Customizable dashboard (displaying subscriptions, pending documents, checked-out documents, quick links & more)
  • Unlimited documents, folders, workflows, document properties, document types, roles, groups and users provide space for ample storage and collaboration
  • Create users, groups & roles that map to your organization’s structure & processes
  • Role or group-based permission structure & workflow assignment
  • Notifications of changes made to documents & folders
  • Notify selected roles or groups when action on a workflow is required
  • Automatically trigger workflows for specific folders or document types
  • Chain multiple workflows together or automatically copy and move documents on designated workflow states.
  • Collaborate using threaded document discussion forums


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