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Openbravo’s professional web-based open source ERP solution provides a unique mix of high-impact benefits:


Broad, streamlined functionality

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  • Rich Functional Footprint: Integrated Accounting, Sales & CRM, Procurement, Inventory,Production,and Project & Service Management
  • Integrated ecosystem of add-onsOpenbravo Exchange provides easy access to extension modules and industry verticals, for a best-fit implementation
  • Scale with Ease: Grow seamlessly from single-instance to multiple tenants, organizations, localizations, warehouses


True web-based open architecture

  • Easy to Use Web Application: Simple and secure browser access to all functionality, with web services for easy interoperability with other applications
  • Simple to Extend and Upgrade: Codeless & model-driven, allowing non-programmers to easily add new functionality adapted to unique needs
  • Flexible Deployment: On premise or on the cloud, single or multi-tenant, on Windows or Linux, there are options for every need


High value at predictable low cost

  • Minimal Upfront Investment: Subscription model allows “pay as you go” customer control, and avoids capital expense
  • Transparent Pricing: Easy to understand, no hidden fees, no haggling over price
  • Quick Start, High Return: Go live quickly with a standard, best-practices implementation, incrementally extend and grow the solution over time

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With over 1,000 downloads a day it’s the integrated management package that is most admired and most used worldwide. It covers all the enterprise features in a modular and flexible way.

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